How To Earn XP And Level Fast In Pokemon Go?

Learn more about how to earn XP and level fast in Pokemon Go! Find out how to get stronger fast to get new items, catch stronger Pokemon, and more!

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Best Way To Earn XP & Level Up Fast

Step 1: Catch At Least 20 Pidgeys

The first thing you will need to do is go out and catch lots of Pokemon! Keep your eye out for the following Pokemon as they will be important to how well this method will work! The most common is Pidgey but other Pokemon will also do!

Pokemon To Use To Level Up

NOTE: All Pokemon listed above are common spawns, and only need 12 Candies to evolve to their next evolution.

Make Sure To Earn Lots Of Candies

Earn Candies for the Pokemon listed above by catching lots of them. You will be evolving the Pokemon to earn lots of XP so it is important that you have lots of Candies with you to evolve lots of Pokemon in one go!

Step 2: Activate Your Lucky Egg

Once you have lots of Pokemon and Candy, activate a Lucky Egg to double the amount of XP you earn for the next 30 minutes! If you do not have a Lucky Egg, you can buy one from the shop for 80 Coins.

Better To Activate During A Double XP Event

It would be better if you waited for a double XP event before you activate your Lucky Egg. This will double the already doubled amount of XP that you will earn, effectively giving you 4x the amount of XP you can earn!

Step 3: Evolve Your Pidgeys & Other Pokemon To Their Next Evolutions

Now that you are actively earning double the XP, get to work and evolve as much Pokemon as you can within the time limit! If you have other Pokemon you’ve been meaning to evolve, go on ahead to get extra XP!

Best Way To Level Up Explained

Mass Evolve Pokemon To Earn XP Fast

Evolving a Pokemon will immediately reward you with 500XP. The easiest Pokemon to evolve would be the ones listed above since they only need 12 candies to evolve, and are commonly seen when walking around!

XP From Evolution Table

Scenario XP Rewarded
Normal Evolution 500
Evolve W/ Lucky Egg 1000
Evolve During Double XP Event 1000
Evolve W/ Lucky Egg During Double XP Event 2000

Pokemon Need Candies To Evolve

Candies are needed in order for you to evolve your Pokemon. These can be acquired by transferring Pokemon, and using Pinap Berries when catching Pokemon!

Other Ways To Earn XP And Level Up Fast

Battle & Win 5-Star Legendary Raids

Fighting in 5-Star legendary raid battles and defeating the raid boss will give you 10,000 XP! Use a Lucky Egg to double the XP you earn every time you battle in a raid.

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Raids Give Good XP

Actively participating in raid battles, whether 1-Star or 5-Star, will give you good amounts of XP. Aim to raid often to get more XP & level up fast!

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Get More XP From Catching Pokemon

Curveballs award extra XP when successfully catching a Pokemon. Successfully performing a “Nice”, “Great”, or “Excellent” Throw will give you extra XP as well!

Look For & Catch New Pokemon

New Pokemon registered to your Pokedex will award you with XP, so keep a look out for Pokemon you haven’t caught yet!

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Spin Pokestops & Gyms

There are tons of Pokestops and Gyms that you can find while out exploring the world. So make sure to interact with as many of them along the way in order for you to earn more XP while exploring!

Gym & PVP Battles Give XP If You Win

Winning in gyms will also reward you with lots of XP. Bring your best lineup of Pokemon to get the upper hand in battle!

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Cultivate Your Friendships!

Leveling up your friendships with other players will also be helpful for you to earn XP in Pokemon Go! Send Gifts, Trade often, and Battle together regularly to raise your friendship levels.

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